Sunday, April 8, 2018

Reader Dear, the Snowy Days Pile Up

and then the weeks pile up.  And I end up with a whole stash of photos and little vignettes that get stale!
And still it goes on SNOWING!

Here's the latest, all you folks in south-central PA:  Looks like we are having winter weather until the cows come home.  And the cows, well, they set out for warmer parts, and ended up in Barnsville, Alabama (or perhaps it was Georgia; they saw the word "barn" and just kept heading there).  They aren't ever coming back! So you might as well hit your alarm clock each morning prepared for snow or hail or sleet or freezing rain right through until July 31.  In August we are expecting some moderation of the cold.  Temperatures might be in the eighties.  The warm spell (We used to call it "summer") will last for a few weeks before an unexpectedly chilly autumn will arrive.

Aforementioned stale photos:
I met this impersonator at the grocery store

The Itty-Bitty Actor and Small Actor searched for their Easter Buckets* (Okay, you see, by the time the [real] Easter Bunny got to the Target store, it was an Easter wasteland!  They did have an assortment of pretty plastic  buckets for just a buck.)

*My two other short actors were playing in the sand in the south (They did not go to Barnsville, however, and did not spot the cows)


The warmth and sun of Easter Sunday was but an April Fool's Day joke!  The next day we were back to snow.

I don't think the deer saw it as a good or amusing thing, either.

She was in a nearby field that I happened to drive past.  After I took the photo, she laid her head down on the snow.  In the event that she died, (tsk, tsk, I think it's likely) we've now got this shot to memorialize her, Reader Dear. 

 May she rest in peace.
May the snow, as well, soon give it a rest!

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