Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Boy and a Dog

They go together like a birthday surprise and birthday glee!
My Small Actor had a birthday not long ago.
He turned into a seven-year-old. 
And you, Reader Dear, are going to turn into a Viewer Dear ( I hope) In full disclosure, I can't do a thing about your age; however, if you actually view the following photos, you're going to be a teeny tiny bit older when you are finished [It's just inevitable.  Sorry!])

 A Story in Pictures:

The Small Actor had met Sugar the Saturday prior to his birthday, when, with his Poppy and his parents, he had visited several Amish homes that had puppies for sale.  Receiving one as his very own, that was the big surprise!
He decided to re-name her Megan.

The Small Actor received a journal for his birthday, too.
His first entry was a story in pictures.
I think it speaks volumes!

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