Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Maintenance--Part III

Arrrrgh, Reader Dear, I am sick and tired of expounding on all the ways in which I (and I'm assuming, you) must work at keeping order and some degree of cleanliness in my (your) everyday environment!  Truth be told, if there weren't so much maintenance involved, I'd have a lot more time to harangue about it all!  (Ironic, no?)

With that said, here's another whole category that begs for at least a small whine:
Alternate weather!  (It's my current reality,  Reader Dear, cannot be ignored!)
 No sooner does the Yard Man go out of town for several days, than the weather turns white and furious!  The weather cares not a whit that spring has so recently sprung! It completely disregards the fact that I have visited a gardening center and carried home potted sunshine to enhance my flower beds (though, thankfully, the flowers can wile their time inside and bring me degrees of happiness as we wait out the storm!)

The snowstorm laughs in my face,  taunting me with the fact that the Yard Man is not around to do the shoveling and shore up my shriveling fortitude! 

But, it's all well and good, Reader Dear.  A snow plow just roared past the house!
It's worthy of dancing a jig and throwing confetti,  the fact that my maintenance need not extend beyond the driveway!


sk said...

Mm, a flowerpot to match your dream car.

KTdid said...

LOL, you are astute, Amiga Preciosa! ks