Monday, June 20, 2016


Last week the Yard Man and I took a (relatively) long trip for a (relatively) short visit with our Dark-haired Daughter and David.  We drove nine hours to spend three days in Asheville, North Carolina.
While there, we did our usual strolling around, seeing the interesting sights of Asheville, meeting a few of the interesting folks and animals who populate Asheville, listening to their interesting music!

And, then.
We went to visit an interesting (okay, okay, no more use of that word; curious how few synonyms!) farmer  on his mountain farm outside of Asheville.
Reader Dear, please be a Dear Viewer.
This man and his wife have a slew of fascinating animals who call the place home.

There were horses and chickens, of course; but, meh, there are also horses and chickens on a farm that I know well.  It was the goats that really got me going!  They were clearly communicating with one another.

"Look at this crazy woman with the camera!" one of them yelled to the others.  "She's running around here like we're some kind of circus side-show!"

"Yeah, she acts a little gaga over
seeing us, but she clearly likes the 
piggies best," one of the other goats complained.

And, they had it right, Reader Dear. I squealed when the piggies grunted!
I grunted when they squealed! I was so tickled by their curly tails, constantly moving, and their unabashed pigging out.

Eventually, we had to say goodbye to the four-legged critters and go back to interacting with the fascinating two-legged variety.

But, for me, Reader Dear, the piggies carried the day.

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