Friday, January 8, 2016

No Sooner do I Decry The

actions of that hawk-like creature, than I meet a bird of (an entirely) different feather!   Reader Dear, I met Sam today at the local mall. He charmed me into a lengthy conversation!  
"You're going to be famous!" I exclaimed, when numerous other passers-by had stopped to take his picture or watch him conversing with me and my friends.
"I hope so!" he said, and he lifted his "crown."

"That's how he shows his emotions," one of his caretakers told me, "by lifting those feathers on top of his head."

Well, and then the question of food came up!
Alas, Reader Dear, I'm ruing the fact already, I neglected to ask him how often he enjoys a nice chicken dinner!*

*I confess, I envision Sam raising his "crown" and voicing his dismay, "Pardon me, but I find it foul to eat another fowl!"

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