Friday, January 22, 2016

About That Job

at Starbucks, Reader Dear, I hadn't thought to apply for it until I walked into the shop with my friends yesterday.

"Uh, you've got a sign with a misspelled word," I told an employee behind the counter.  "You know I come in here every Friday, and it's starting to drive me a little batty!" 

Then I added, "I'll be happy to fix it for you if you've got a piece of chalk."

She consulted with another employee, who said, "It's not chalk.  We use markers,"  and handed me a white one.

Oh, Viewer Dear, aren't you relieved that I got that job?!
Now to simply wipe out "Clerance" and correct it.

Except...hmm...the writing refused to be erased!

Since the coffee-servers behind the counter were busy, and I had received no Starbucks training, I opted to follow my own best instincts. ("Takes initiative" I envisioned on my performance report)
I investigated the back of the board and found it to be blank.  Voila!  I set about lettering a completely new sign.

(My friends who were with me at Starbucks [the poor dears] had no good advice!  They were drinking their cups of coffee and shaking their heads.)

When I needed a red marker, I went looking, reached across the counter and helped myself.
("Works well independently")

I finished lettering the sign.
With much restraint, I limited the curlicues and hearts that I added.
And, then, I took a coffee break (to drink my coffee, of course) and...
I quit!
I simply returned all my markers and walked off the job!*

*Somewhat of a negative for the  performance report, to be sure, Reader Dear.
But...well, my friends were leaving the store!



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sk said...

Ditch the apartments and get hired. Sign painter!