Monday, January 25, 2016

Here Where I Live

Reader Dear, we had howling winds and drifting snow over the past weekend.  In a surprise historical first, The Yard Man and I happened to have this blizzard phenomenon right inside our living room!

It wasn't until after breakfast on Saturday morning that we discovered the snow had broken and entered (well, to be truthful, The Yard Man admitted he'd left the door unlatched on Friday night when he'd brought wood inside to build a fire.  The wind-driven snow forced its way through the [admittedly flimsy] storm door and cracked open our beautiful-but-arduous-to-bolt front door!)

As crazy as it was, I was slightly charmed by the unlikeliness of it.
And I jumped at the chance to build a snowman in my cozy kitchen.  "No! No!" I instructed The Yard Man, when he seemed intent on washing four bucketfuls of snow down the drain as quickly as possible.

It seemed the stars were aligned (and I know the moon was full) when I thought of the almost-empty bag of carrots in my fridge.  Dear Reader, I had been intent on putting every last one of those carrots in the soup I made last night...right up until I got tired of peeling them, and left a few in the crisper.  Wow.  What delight to go  after that bag of facial features and attach them to my counter-top snowman!

(I named him Bliz.  While it would have been nice to give Bliz a seat at the kitchen table, after I gave him arms he attempted to pull at his [supposed] collar.  I knew he was about to melt.
I put him outside.)


sk said...

Now that is the first time ever I saw a snowman on anybody's sink. Just amazing.

sk said...

The man here enjoyed this post, too.

Anonymous said...

Ha, sk, I'll bet he did. Tell him the man here will likely secure the door in the future!

Gyjb said...

So funny, Kathy. I shared it with Gabe and Annie.