Saturday, January 24, 2015


music, and it was a first!  First time eating chips and fancy dips while enjoying live opera!  First time hearing this particular type of cross-bred music! 

The Yard Man read about this concert to be performed at a local pub, and he was intent on hearing it.  I wanted to go, too, of course. ( The predicted major snowstorm  be[diminished, we hoped*].) 

Listener Dear, alas that you, as well,  weren't seated in that relatively small audience; the show  was terrific!

First came the opera singers, one by one.

(Can't show them all [sniff], not even the one that had me spellbound [well, to be honest, Dear Listener, they all had me slightly agog!])

And then there was a performance by Jake Lewis and the Clergy (Nothing religious, they just liked the sound of it, Jake said.) The Yard Man and I whispered often, "What a great show!"

The finale of several selections was a joint effort (Ahem, count yourself fortunate to hear one, Dear Listener!)
The evening ended on a happy note, when we did not slide backwards off the road.  That final hill was just a tad too steep (had me singing arias of my own!),
but we got turned around, and had a relatively short detour to a route that would let gravity bring us safely home!

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