Wednesday, January 7, 2015


the first few weeks of January are just one gigantic Whoosh!
The visiting loved ones may be the first or the last to leave; but there, also, go the holidays!
Next the Old Year tilts a hat and walks swiftly out the door!
One must also bid farewell to the lords a'leaping and the ladies dancing and the maids a'milking (Admittedly, Reader Dear, this would be so much harder to do if the maids were actually down on their knees here, scrubbing my floors, and doing the laundry, rather than caressing bovine udders!)

Should the Christmas tree still be lingering about, it's only because it can't walk on its own (dying a slow death, you know*)!

In the vacuum that's been created, I've discovered The Doldrums creeping around,  doing their best to sneak in somewhere.   So I've been keeping a diligent eye on them.  We've had mostly overcast skies. Rain. Snow.  A dearth of sunshine.  And, today, we got bone-chilling cold!

But, ha, we also got bright blue skies!
I threw the door wide open to give a belated welcome to The New Year
(booted The Doldrums aside)!**

O, Happy New Year, Reader Dear!

*which is why I undressed it today, got it ready for cremation .
**Of course, I had to close it again very quickly.  The warm inside air was going Whoosh!

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