Wednesday, May 14, 2014


slightly used, shouldn't-be-misbehavin'  car to the Toyota place because it was, well, sort of misbehavin'.  The screen on the dashboard was no longer hesitantly telling me I needed an oil change sometime soon.  It had gotten genuinely  pushy.  "OIL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED NOW" was the warning.  I couldn't read any other screen information, couldn't gleefully watch the miles-per-gallon figure creeping upward. The oily message monopolized the entire screen.

So I had obeyed the instruction, had done what any other reasonable person would do, and had taken that car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  But the warning continued to greet me each time I glanced at the screen.  "OIL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED NOW"!

Ergo, I took a trip to the Toyota Service garage.  The guy in the driver's seat appears to know exactly what he's talking about. Well, well he should!  He disappeared with my car, and went and got a crash course in the very procedure he is now teaching me! ("Hold on!  Hold on," I said to the guy, "I'll just get these instructions on record!"  He graciously re-enacted.)  

Next on my list:

I  proceeded to take my misbehaving computer and show it to a geek (at the store where they employ a Geek Squad, of course.  Toyota Service geeks don't call themselves Geeks.)  Geek said to me, "You're having trouble uploading videos to your blog?  Well, let's see if  we can get a video to post. Here, I'll try this one."  With very little  straining or striving, that geek clicked a-hold of the Toyota Service guy and soon got him talking!

"Wonderful!" I exclaimed.  I pulled out my camera.  "Now...can you
repeat what I need to know, and I'll record it, so I can remember?"

"Hey,"  he said, and he looked at me sideways. "Are you going to put this on your blog?!"

I laughed.  "Oh, come on It'll be okay," I told him.  "Nobody* looks at my blog!"


(*I feel a wee bit bad, Dear Reader Dear,
for throwing you under the bus!)


gyjb50 said...

Yes, Kathy, today Nobody read your blog, just like you said.

KTdid said...

Ha, ha, gyjb...I'll have to go confess to the guy :-).