Thursday, May 22, 2014


to have a concert scheduled for four-forty-five on a Thursday afternoon.  And then I went to the concert today,  and realized that the timing of it wasn't the only odd thing about it.  It was unusual  in other ways, as well.

For one thing, I've been to numerous concerts where the enthusiastic fans flocked toward the stage, eager to see the performers up close.  But in this case, the singers themselves would periodically rush off the platform toward their camera-toting fans! 

That's right, Reader Dear.  After ever single number, the emcee would announce the up-coming song to be performed, following which she would need to cajole the performers into re- assembling back on stage.  Once back as a group, random greetings would be shouted to fans by one singer or another.  ("Hi, Mommy and Daddy!)

Then, too, I've been to concerts before where the musicians practically danced to the music as they sang.  But never before have I observed them  pulling up their clothing and displaying bellies in quite the same manner as did these performers!

At this concert, it was odd how individuals seemed to just take a sudden notion to vary the choreography!   (If this was all part of the plan, I must say that it did enhance the show by adding an element of suspense and surprise!)

But I must tell you, Reader Dear.  Strange as these features were, they were also extremely charming, and delightfully entertaining! 

(I give five stars to my dear Small Actor and his daycare friends!)


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Jut, I wanted to post more videos (of other "numbers" in this concert), but there was refusal on the part of my often-stubborn equipment!