Thursday, April 3, 2014


"more salmagundi later" I intended to add to my concoction the very next day.  But, ah, it went the way it tends to go. My intentions hid behind the mixing bowl, then ran away. Procrastination moved right in, made itself at home, put its big ugly feet up on the counter--the very spot I planned to set my laptop (wouldn't you know!) 

All the while, the catch-up stuff was growing...well, older.  Some of it another year older:

  (Er...when The Small Actor had a birthday party with his peers a few days prior, the birthday song was likely livelier than this age-old old-age rendition by his elders!)

You can bet your birthday balloon, I took a picture of the cake!  (The tower was requested by the little guy, and created by the big one that I call Only Son)


And then, The Tiny Actor, he keeps on growing older, too.  And taking steps toward acting his age:

(The rest of the ketchup has gotten too old.  It's starting to form a scum on top.  Bleeck!  No more additions to this catch-up mish-mash)

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