Monday, April 7, 2014


if you don't get out of that gutter
before the next big rain,
D.W. Washburn,
you're gonna wash right down the drain!

(So sang the Monkees on Saturday morning.*)
Now I'm picturing D.W. gasping as he gurgles away into the sewer.

Yes, Reader Dear, on this nineteenth day of spring, here in my neck of the woods, we are getting a cold, dark rain!
It's just a rough guess, but I believe we've had either snow or rain on eighty-seven percent of the days since the Vernal Equinox arrived here!

I keep buying yellow and orange flowers, trying to import psychologically-induced sunshine into my kitchen.

And I keep washing my car!  On three separate occasions, the sun has come out and the sky has cleared; I have clicked my heels and taken my (relatively) new car to the car wash, optimism running high.   Each time without fail,  the sky has grown clouds and rain fell for hours.

All I can say is:  D. W. Washburn, if you've managed to hang onto your spot in the gutter, I promise not to wash my car again until we've had a solid week of sunshine, with nothing falling out of the sky except...uh, bird droppings!

*video clip to follow, Viewer Dear.

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