Wednesday, April 9, 2014


with some trepidation, Reader Dear, because I've been leaping to false conclusions so often in the past few weeks, and this time I want to get it right:  Spring has arrived!  
This time I've got warm, soft facts (do they always have to be cold and hard?! I think not!).  Today the grass is green!  The sky is blue!  The clouds are white!
It's got to be spring--The Yard Man is wielding a chain saw!  He is pushing a wheelbarrow, using a rake!  He is burning limbs and twigs!
And two of my actors, spending the day with the Yard Man and me,  are clamoring to perform outdoors!  

The Tiny Actor, in particular, is enamored by the season, and the chance to explore nature on foot (Why on earth did I lay around all springtime long, last year?!  I'm sure he's thinking)  He's wild about the little creature with the funny ears and the four feet, who runs about, and speaks a strange language.

Meanwhile, the Little Actor has found a five-trunk castle in which to play.  (I get a brief stint as Queen, which lasts right up to the point where I feel the accommodations beneath me are a bit beneath me.  Argh.  I am in need of a King to help me out of this awkwardly-imagined throne!

[Unlike the Little Actor (playing the Little Prince) who exits the castle with ease!)

Okay.  Now.  If there's any lingering doubt about the season,
Viewer Dear, allow me to offer my triumphant final proof.

Oh, hallelujah!  It's springtime all right!


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