Saturday, December 31, 2011


DEAR READER, this holiday week streaked by in a Donder and Blitzen blitz! It was a seven-day spell of getting together with kith and kin, of gift-giving and gabbing and game-playing.

There was lots of celebrating;
it naturally follows, there was lots of food!

It naturally follows that besides the gift-giving and gabbing and game-playing, there was gobbling and gorging. Well, ahem...what I mean to say, Reader Dear...I ATE TOO MUCH!*

*Most of it not lovely salad with pomegranate seeds!**

**Much of it starting with the letter "C"!***

***Christmas cookies, Christmas candy, Christmas chocolate, if I must spell it out! Christmas cake, (did I say Christmas candy?!)Christmas everything, Reader Dear!****

****Handily providing me with a New Year's Resolution!*****

*****Which happily must wait until next year!******

******One more party to go---HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!


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