Thursday, December 1, 2011


TURNS OUT, READER DEAR, YOU'RE IN LUCK if you've got Thanksgiving leftovers of a certain variety. According to studies, the stuff's extremely valuable! You will want to keep it handy at all times from now on out! So here's hoping that you've got heaps of it left over from your Thanksgiving Day celebration...maybe not in zip-lock bags or tupperware containers, but stored up somewhere. What you will want to have on hand is...great gobs of... gratefulness! That's right, Dear Reader; I just read a little article* touting its many benefits, and, my goodness, it's the magic elixir!

How about it, would you like:
1.More happiness
2.To be less aggressive
3.To have less depression
4.To be more helpful
5.To have more satisfaction with life
6.To have better friendships
7.To be more generous
8.To be less envious
9.To have less concern with prestige
10.To have better health physically
11.To have better health mentally
12.To have more energy
13.To have more determination
Well, huh? All you've got to do is be grateful! And, hot-diggity-dog, it doesn't even matter what you're thankful for! How sweet is that? It's just having a grateful heart that counts.

I'm grateful that I was able to reap the benefits of leftover Thanksgiving thankfulness (#twelve and #thirteen) to get myself to the park for a forty-minute walk.

It made me feel terrific (#one,#ten,#eleven)--such a quick pay-off!

(It also made me feel quite tall)


Shirley said...

The simpler version would be just plastering that smile on your face (

KTdid said...

Yes, yes, yes...smiling, too! How great the possibilities while smiling ear-to-ear AND feeling grateful!