Friday, December 2, 2011


THE GREEN DRAGON. I'm now ready to tell you, Dear Reader, about this amazing farmers' market. It'd be SO much easier if you were simply to hop into my car and let me take you there to see it for yourself, because I know your eyes would be darting everywhere and your mouth would be hanging open in fascination. However...I'll do my best to describe this maze of buildings and indoor and outdoor stalls; eating places juxtaposed with stands selling underwear, used toys, or almost any kind of trinket or tool or item of clothing one can imagine.

You can expect to see some pretty odd characters at Green Dragon (and you may not expect to see it, but occasionally you can have a friend who is willing to take you up on a dare by approaching one of those colorful characters and requesting to sit on his lap!)

It's almost a guarantee, as well, you'll see many Amish and members of other plain sects.

But on to the merchandise...

...there is color wherever you look, Reader Dear!

And there are so many "finds." The trick is in finding them--all these items that would be neatly arranged in an organized way on shelves or racks or counters were you to go perusing your customary-plain-Jane-prim-and-proper-ho-hum retail store (Green Dragon, indeed, Reader Dear, is the genuine flip-side).

There's a stand where Essential Oil Blends are presented, offering "Help for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Skin Problems, Anxiety, Anger, Insomnia and More."
Wow! Think of it, Reader Dear, all the marriages that can be saved!
"(Grrr) UNBELIEVABLE! You did WHAT?! You can't POSSIBLY be serious....oh, wait a minute, Honey, let me dab on my "Anger" oil, and then we can talk..."

There are hundreds of vendors, and I've decided to declare there are hundreds of thousands of treasures for sale because I'm so sure that's the case; heck, I've got hundreds of thousands of photos to show, and there's so much I didn't capture!

But that's all supposition, of course. Here, Reader Dear, is a genuine FACT:
This is all you're going to see of Green Dragon today. It's late and your tour guide is a mean, draggin'.

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