Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One more little jump

and Baltimore, (supposedly) deliver three gallons of Oasis ice cream mix to The Charmery (an ice cream shop with creatively fantastic flavors)...but, in actuality, to celebrate a very large milestone in the life of The Yard Man and me (For forty-three years we've been hanging around together, saying "I do").

Our first stop en route to Baltimore was Wilmington, Delaware.  (Only "on our way" in the sense that The Yard Man wished to deliver some butter to this delightful cafe, where the owner shared the early-afternoon meal with the two of us, and plied us with many dishes prepared by his first-class chef!)

When we left Wilmington, we were so over-stuffed with food that I whined to the Yard Man,  "I may not be able to eat anything more today!"

"Well, we're headed toward some very delicious ice cream!" he responded.

And, sure enough, we were:

After the owner of this shop took possession of the three gallon jugs The Yard Man presented to him, he treated us to bowls of his creamy and delectable ice cream. 
"Happy Anniversary!" he said.

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