Sunday, April 17, 2016

Here was the Question

The Yard Man asked, "Do you want a little free vacation?"
The details:  He was going to Chestnut Hill (historic suburb of Philadelphia, PA) to spend time promoting the CSA subscriptions (weekly boxes full of Community Supported Agricultural produce) of Oasis (food cooperative where he's the organically-grown-food promoter [and other jobs]).  Er...did you follow all that?  Doesn't matter.  The bottom line:
He'd be working;
I'd be playing!
(A well-appointed room at the inn would be compliments of the woman who owns and runs the farmers' market where The Yard Man would be spending his time on Friday and Saturday!)

Let me just tell you this, Reader Dear Reader, as we (ever so adeptly) leap ahead in time:

The weather was fabulous!

The room was delightful!

The street full of shops was terrific!


Having just  spent that vacation, I can decisively tell you this:

I'd have been a fool to say, no!

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