Monday, April 18, 2016

Adventures in a Display Case

It all started as I strolled along the sidewalks of Chestnut Hill, PA, luxuriating in my tiny vacation.  Nestled there with the gift shops and the art shops and the little cafes was a hardware store. Now, I could see at a glance, Viewer Dear, that this was no ordinary hardware store.  If I had to make a call, I'd say it was also a "telephone shop" (though I'm clearly stretching the cord quite a bit on this one, considering there were no more than two dozen antique phones in that store window.)
Seeing as how I have at least one daughter with a fancy for old  phones, and seeing as how I had plenty of time to fill in Chestnut Hill, I walked into the store.   
(Though I'm a bit red-faced now, Reader Dear,
as there's not much more to this tale.) 
The store-owner led me on an interesting tour
(but did not make a sale). 
I can only say, due to the fact that I was on display in that case, along with the (possibly hapless) owner (whom I was blocking from a speedy exit), I did give some fanciful thought as to how I could lend a bit more adventure to the adventure*. 

*Ah, Reader Dear, much as you may have enjoyed the titillating tale, the thrill of the rendition for me would certainly not be worth the extremes of that red face!**
**Only saying, Dear Reader, I'm not so willing as all that to make a fool of myself!

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