Friday, April 17, 2015


 to the Sofa.

"Free" said the sign I had quickly hand-lettered.
We chose this piece of furniture forty years ago, The Yard Man and I.  It was at The Bagby Furniture Company in Baltimore, Maryland.  (We've still got the receipt).  It was not a practical choice.  It wasn't very comfy, either.  But it was our sofa.  You see, Reader Dear, it had been our sofa for a long, long time.
Now, it was sitting forlornly by the side of the road, and it was going to go to just any old stranger who happened to drive by.

But, rained!  And it wasn't just a sprinkling, either.
"No one is going to take it now!" I wailed to The Yard Man.
I was quickly re-thinking my aspirations for the dear old sofa.  Envisioning the couch on a dump heap somewhere, well...any old stranger would now be a hero to the rescue!

Happy ending: 
The rain stopped.
The couch sat by the road overnight.
The next day, I happened to glance out the window at just the right moment, and, lo and behold, there I saw a real live hero loading up that sofa!
(I scrambled for my camera, got back to the window to see him driving away ["Goodbye, goodbye," I whispered (to the sofa)].)

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