Tuesday, April 21, 2015


walked into my blog a few weeks ago, brought both parents, the handsome husband, and four kiddos to spend the night.  Wow, what a lively time ensued!
There was a marvelous whirlwind of activity!  This bunch is curious, boundlessly energetic (er, speaking of the younger half), and everyone talks at once!  Those youngsters  thoroughly investigated the stash of games and books, tried out the toys, and got acquainted with all of the animals. They clamored for The Yard Man to let them assist with the feeding and grooming of the horses! (What a coup for that equine-loving man!*)



When they had gone, life seemed slightly boring, and a little too quiet!
*(My extra stroke of good fortune was a big chunk of all-to-myself time with Mom-of-Blogger!  When I dropped her off at the train station two days later, that's when I truly had to ease back into the hum-drum aspect of daily living!)


sk said...

Oh my my, how sweet!

KTdid said...

Oh, yes, sk...it surely was!