Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Meal made Simple.

All I did was turn the cranberries into the cranberry sauce, and--abracadabra--The Yard Man and I ended up with a decidedly delectable Thanksgiving Day Meal and delightful dinner companions!****

Reader Dear, here's the secret:  Gracefully (and gratefully) bow out of the job of host and-or hostess to the meal!  (If you've got an Only Daughter-in-Law with meal-making talent and clamoring to take on the task [along with her sous chef, Only Son], you're in luck.)
I was in luck!

 *Oops.  No photo of a full half of those partaking of the yummy food! Got the family members of Only Daughter-in-Law and their  British (and China-dwelling) neighbors (next to whom I had the good fortune to be seated!) Neglected to photograph First Son-in-Law and my three diminutive actors.  Also missed a picture of the two adolescent cousins of The Small Actor, who were able to give my three young ones a rousing good time!**
**Turning off the lights in an upstairs bedroom, moving things around and arranging them in weird and unusual ways; then, suddenly snapping on the lights to provoke screams of fear and bravery bunched together into fun! ***
The adults were far more staid. No screaming.
****For which we were truly thankful!

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