Friday, August 28, 2015


just meant that several police responded to the report of a body. When a fire siren sounded, one of them left.

"Do you want me to go and get this tenant's application form?" I asked the two remaining.  "It will name his next-of-kin, with a telephone number."

When I returned with the pertinent information, there was just one policeman hanging out in his cruiser.  "I'll be waiting here for the coroner," he told me.

"I'll be here, too," I said.  And, then, we went on to discuss this type of shocking discovery we'd just made (though the actual discoverer did not seem to be dismayed; it was routine, he said).

Now, Reader Dear, as unexpected and upsetting as it was for me-- discovering that a tenant had suddenly vacated--I could not say it was a first in my land-lording log.  Though I had not seen the body at that time, Death had come creeping in to visit a tenant of mine one time before.

Barely an hour had gone by.  The weather in the parking lot was still a perfect ten.  I was chatting, by now, with the plumber who services my rentals.  He's got a garage unit there.  "Who died?!" he had asked.  As I was explaining, a tenant and a young girl approached us from across the parking lot.  (It was Mary.  She and her husband have been my most enduring tenants).

Mary introduced me to her granddaughter.  Then she said,
"I just want to tell you.
  My husband died last night."

Reader Dear (gasp*)...two at a time?!
Okay, that's a first!


*Both were cancer deaths.  I offered their
families my sincere sympathy.
(And I thought, Please don't let the rest of my
tenants be dying to leave this place!)

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